War and Peace has always been considered as having the largest gathering of WWII Jeeps since June 1944.

Well now is our chance to prove it!

A world record attempt has been successfully accepted by the Guinness World Records to get the most WWII Jeeps in one place at this year’s War and Peace Revival.
As the man behind the idea, Richard Gibson, says:

The idea is simple. We need to get as many Jeeps on Saturday 20 July into the arena. We then drive around the racecourse for a couple of miles and back again!

What do we want you to do? Turn up! And tell your friends! And get them to tell their friends!

The record attempt is for the most “Jeeps “and we will welcome all MBs, GPWs and M201s.

The Guinness World Records a record of only 350 odd “Willys Vehicles” – pft!! Please SPREAD THE WORD to all Jeep owners likely to be at War and Peace this year and let’s blow that record out of the water!!!

If you have any queries please email the War and Peace team at or go to Facebook and search for Willys Parade

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