This weekend people will be able to see a M10 Achilles provided by Rex Cadman, organiser of the War and Peace Revival, in this historic procession through the city of London.

The War and Peace Revival is very proud to be once again supporting The Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Association (KSYA) and has supported the KSYA for over 15 years, providing a tank and low loader for this incredible annual procession. The low-loader is to assist the WW2 veterans to be able to take part in the parade.

Rex Cadman says: “Being Kent born and bred I have a natural leaning towards supporting County associated regiments and in the early days it was a great opportunity to meet some of the incredible veterans of Villers Bocage. I think the Lord Mayor’s Procession is an amazing institution, having lasted nearly 800 years. It is something I took part in as a boy, so I’m very proud that both I and War and Peace are associated with it.”

The KSYA was originally founded in 1943 by serving members of 3rd County of London Yeomanry who had been declared unfit for service due to illness. It was known as the ‘Gin and Tears Club’ and met regularly in London. The annual dinner is known as the Bir El Gubi dinner in recognition of the first action that both regiments took part in during WW2 as part of the only TA Armoured Brigade. Bir El Gubi is in Libya just south of the airfield at Sidi Rezegh. Since its inception the Association has been a registered charity and aims to look after serving and retired members of the Regiment if they fall on hard times. For more information see:

The Lord Mayor’s Show has floated, rolled, trotted, marched and occasionally fought its way through 798 years of London history, surviving the black death and the blitz to arrive in the 21st century as one of the world’s best -loved pageants

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